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 orchish lore

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Orcish Lore

The realm of the Aether was not only home of the Ariell. The orcs of the land lived in many tribes, the most dominant of which was the FlameHead Clan. The leader, Gro'gash sought to unite the tribes through an enormous war, he assaulted the capital of the bloody hand orcs and if victory was obtained, the orcs would be united. However as he brought his axe down on the the chief of the bloody hand, the ley lines broke and it shattered through him, severing his soul into his 3 chiefs.
The great shattering of the aether took place and the orcs fled through the great rift, an enormous torn ley line that ended in minecraftia. The orcs after heading through the rift separated into the three tribes known today, the frostaxe of the snowy tundra. The firebreaths of the desert, and the warhammer orcs and their strange demonic powers decided to make a home deep under the bedrock.

The firebreath orcs are currently the most powerful finding their way in politics with the nomadic caravans as well as the netherlords. Cheiftan Gro'gash sees war as unnecessary and always debates before entering any critical fighting. The capital of the firebreath is New Dragontooth.

The frostaxe orcs are a more hostile clan. They have been fighting the northward humans since they settled in the Valus mountains and will always. Warchief Ragnar is a furious fighter and his legions are the greatest warriors in minecraftia. The frostaxe capital is FrostBite Citadel.

The warhammer orcs are not seen often. They practice dark magics in their underground city of Mon'Kathal and the leader Shadowlord Kas'sho is almost never seen outside of his kingdom.
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orchish lore
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