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 Elven Lore Proposal

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PostSubject: Elven Lore Proposal   Elven Lore Proposal Empty2011-09-05, 12:45 am

The elves were the most successful races in the early days of Minecraftia's existence. The true origins of the elves have been lost in the waves of time, but there are still stories of the great elf kingdoms in the earliest days of Minecraftia. When Minecraftia formed, the elves came and immediately rallied under a single banner, the instinct to preserve their ways dominated their every thought. While other races fought amongst themselves, the elves formed a kingdom that stretched across the land. At the peak of the elven civilization, it reached a population of almost one hundred thousand. Unfortunately, the elves then divided.

Although always desiring harmony with nature, the elves found that in such great numbers that they had grown to in their success, they could no longer support such a style of life. And so, two distinct groups of elves formed, each posing a great threat to the other, or so they saw. The Foliagi Elves, numbering at 30,000, believed that the only way to save their way of life was to spread nature's harmony across all the lands. They desired to wipe out all the signs of advanced technologies that even slightly damaged nature, and instead create underground forests, and to wipe out all traces of deserts and create lush oases where all could live harmoniously with all other life.

The Tenkigi Elves, they understood that only further advancing their understanding of the world, and developing means to exploit it to its full potential, would allow the elven kind to survive. They numbered at 80,000, more than twice the number of the Foliagi. Had the situation been different, it may have been possible for these two elven groups to ignore each other, and allow their beliefs to stay unquestioned. Unfortunately, however, the cards were dealt otherwise. The Foliagi were disgusted by the idea of the Tenkigi to ignore all other life and selfishly serve only themselves. They desired to wipe force the Tenkigi to change their ways, or wipe them out in such an attempt. The Tenkigi required the resources of the Mystic Forests that the Foliagi Elves had claimed for themselves for their cause. Each side desired war with the other.

In such a scenario, nothing but conflict could come. And so, the elves met each other on the battlefield, reducing the other side's numbers greatly. The Foliagi ambushed the Tenkigi, and used their knowledge of the forests to fool their armies. The warriors of the Tenkigi used their advanced weaponry and vast superiority in numbers over the Foliagi to use brute force to destroy their fighters. After decades of fighting, the total population of the Elves was no more than 20,000. This is when the humans made the decision to attack the weakened elves and drive them from the resource-rich land that they inhabited.

Driven from their ancient homes, the elves continued to blame each other, even when they were driven to the brink of extinction, with no more than a few thousand elves remaining in all. They degraded into a number of small groups, the largest of which, the Peldregiath Kingdom, stands as a great power in the region of Minecraftia that it inhabits. The Foliagi remain united, but they stay almost entirely within their forests and communities, leaving them only when they desire to spread life to otherwise barren portions of the land. Their underground forests and villages remain hidden in the ancient lands that they once inhabited, undiscovered, yet rumored to hold some of the greatest secrets in Minecraftia, including the means to discover the one item that has eluded all races since the realm's formation, and that will unlock an even greater mystery ...
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Elven Lore Proposal
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