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 Xalerian Hordes

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PostSubject: Xalerian Hordes   Xalerian Hordes Empty2011-09-13, 3:04 am

Xalerian infestation: The Xalerii (zay-ler-eye) were originally used as a biological retrieval method, attaching itself to ships and aliens collecting genetic material for furthering there masters, the Atolians genome. But they eventually evolved as all races do over thousands of years - and then they came to a biological two-way road. Hit an evolutionary dead-end or grow in numbers and perfect there own genome. So they began to spread harmlessly through the Atolian population. Soon 95% of the Atolians had Xalerii lifeforms inside them. Slowly the population began to be assimilated into one mind - driving any under of the Xalerii hivemind to go insane and attack anything that didn't have Xalerii dna. Then all, but a few colonies away from the home planet started dying of hunger. The still living piled up the dead bodies and the Xalerii melded the brains phsyically creating the first Control cluster. Eventually the whole planet was covered in Xalerii biomorphs with the new Xaleriian Patriarch creating creatured right for killing. The Patriarch broke chunks of the land and threw them at the nearby jumpgate warping it to its target. Eventually it would comeback and pile up on the Atolian hive-world now with its moon tethered to the planet by a large Xalerian tentacle.

Xalerii physilogy: Xalerii only have one thing in common and thats there nerve-complex. Instead of a a brain they drop all the major parts and only keep the problem solving, basic instincts and memories to put in tumors that collect info and store them in tangible "brains" as use for the Patriarchw library of memories.

The most common Xalerii biomorph is the Broodling - Tiny little lifeforms about half-a-metre long that go down the throat of an alien and spread the Xalerii all around the body morphing it into a common biomorph. If the target has no mouth it will attempt to penetrate the skin. About 1-5 hours after initial contact the Broodling can be removed, But its an excrutiating surgery as it requires replacing infected organs with cybernetic ones.

Xalerian Corvix, a small aerial Xalerian swarm with many different forms for different tasks:

- Xalerian Drone: Gathers biomass in there large ventral sacks, they develop two sets of wings and become quite light therefore making it vunerable to Kinetic weapons. They are usually weak in terms of weapons as well, but roam in large swarms

- Xalerian Skylord: Large Corvex that rules the skies, they develop dragon-like qualities. They have there wings turned into massive blades to slice enemy-Ships, super thick skin to deflect most forms of fire, can breath poison and light it on fire by grinding its teeth. Skylords are impossible to re-assimilate due to there level of self-awareness and complexity of the developed intelligence, this means Rogue Skylords, although rare.. they can be a possiblity. The Skylords eventually evolve into Skykings, one of the most potent forces.

- Xalerian Skyking: Massive Xalerian Biomorphs with a wing-span of 200 Metres, it grows Corvix and harbors Skylords within its developed back roost which is used as a mobile-hive. There wings are so massive they carry Heavy-Slimedart plants that launch massive spikes 10 metres long. They are mainly used to do low-altitude Spore-pod drops onto cities or large clusters of enemy forces.

- Xalerian Siren: Corvex's with the ability to shoot sonic blasts, paralyzing there targets easily. They grow large claws to kill paralyzed foes.

- Xalerian Scout: Swift, agile and most importantly - Smart. They are one of the few Xalerian sub-races given near perfect Free will. They are smaller then most bio-morphs, only 3 feet long - but there brains are up-to-par with most Sentient races. When threatened Scouts excrete gases that knock-out and give 3 hour amnesia.

Xalerian Bio-titan: Large Creatures that act as massive commanders, they are controlled by the latent Hive-mind. They execrete pheromones that introduce the hive-mind to other sentient creatures. This makes them into no free-will, no self-preservation cannon fodder. The pheromones eventually accumulate in the body and form a basic Xalerian infestation creating carriers or biomorphs. They have heavy shells with many Slimedart-plants for attacking enemy heavy armor. They are one of the few Large Biomorphs that can be re-assimilated fully.

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Xalerian Hordes
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