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 <Prequel> Rise of Kaor

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<Prequel> Rise of Kaor Empty
PostSubject: <Prequel> Rise of Kaor   <Prequel> Rise of Kaor Empty2011-09-24, 2:19 pm

Preview) A story chronicling the adventures of Jace Xenas, before he becomes Kaor. It will take place in many different worlds and will showcase how he got interdimensional reputation as the youngest Universal Overseer in the infinite consortiums millions of years. It will also show how he got his 9 emisaries. If it becomes popular I will and more seasons and episodes.


Jace Xenas: Hailing from a dimension ravaged from a biological horror, he is one of the few left of his kind. He is calculating, cunning, but does have sympathy and morals. Due to his raced natural abilities be is able to open time rifts without the use of designated pads. He can also use magic to an intermidiate level.

1st Episode - Corruption of King Ymir)

A pulse of blue light and a hooded figure exits, and begins to scale a medieval wall. Breaking through a sun-roof he uncovers his face revealing him to be Jace - A green light spawns from Jaces amulet and his Consortium Novice Roves turn into ragged rogue armor. He walks though the dimly lit hallways, looking for the royal chambers. When King Ymir begins barking at his servant Telluveve. Jace listens on the conversation. The king mentions that Cult of Feolthanos should move locations before they are found out. Jace begins to climb the wooden-planks above the hallways. Finding himself in the armory, a pulse of blue light reveals his companion - Fiernce.
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<Prequel> Rise of Kaor
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