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First-wave Footmen
First-wave Footmen

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Join date : 2011-09-07
Age : 21

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PostSubject: Apllication   Apllication Empty2011-09-25, 6:20 pm

Steam Username:[Ripper]_5_Ace_[Solo]™
Age: 13, and a half, lol
Desired Game Branch: Dawn of War 1
Why did you want to join TF77?: to kick tf22 arse, lol
Do you believe you will be an active and useful member?: Probably, i am not byast against myself, lol
How did you find TF-77?: How do you think, lol
List of Installed or Installable PC Games: A few lol, Dawn of war 1 and 2 (all expansions), Total war (empire and Napoleon), Space marine, team fortress 2, supreme commander 2, And a few other cheapo's.


You see a tortoise on its back in the middle of the desert. You understand its plight but do nothing to help. Why not?
A. Cause its a fucking land turtle, if it was a bloody sea turtle i mighta thought differently lol. plus i am not a hippy who saves whales and shit.

My chrome zoom is fucked up so i cant see what f is, so i'll just go f, lol
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Evasive Explorer
Evasive Explorer

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Age : 24
Location : Surrey, B.C. Canada

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PostSubject: Re: Apllication   Apllication Empty2011-09-25, 6:21 pm

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