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PostSubject: HOW TO APPLY   HOW TO APPLY Empty2011-10-04, 9:15 pm

NOTE: This application does not guarantee membership. It also does not guarantee acceptance into the desired branch or role in that branch. That decision is ultimately up to the branch officer, although their decision can be overruled by the Commandant.

In order to get into any specific branch and be considered an actual active member of TF77, you must do whatever the officer for a certain branch requires of you to get into that branch. Any members who are not officially in a branch but are in TF77 are still subject to being kicked.

Once you are added to the Members user group you should be able to see all sub-forums for game branches. These sub-forums should contain a way to apply for the branch.


Battlefield Branch (Officer: None currently, open to any Officer) No application form*
Minecraft Branch (Officer: Imaus) *Impossible to Apply: No Application Form*
Dawn of War Branch (Officer: Kirbycollin1) *Impossible to Apply: No Application Form*
Starcraft 2 Branch (Officers: HukJr) *Impossible to Apply: No Application Form*
*not all of them can be applied for at this time

Recomended games to have: StarCraft II and Minecraft - All others are likely free

Post your application in a new thread with the title ...

(Your Name Here)'s Application

Steam Username:
Desired Game Branch:
Why did you want to join TF77?:
Do you believe you will be an active and useful member?:
How did you find TF-77?:
List of Installed or Installable PC Games:
Your timezone:
Would you be willing to be a voice actor:
Do you Roleplay: (Y/N)
Miscellaneous info:

Video Director Program) (If you wish to post videos on the TF-77 Channel you must also answer these questions, you can do this whenever you want)
Video Editing Experience (In years) :
Show me a video you made: (Link here)
Youtube account name: (So I can link in the Description)
Amount of Subscribers:

(Note: If you post the Video Director program, I will do a personal Interview unless I get swept by applications)

Refer a Friend! : If you recruit four members who join successfully you gain the V.I.P. Rank for a month, giving access to Exclusive forum features, double votes, a special tag and the ability to go on the V.I.P forum!

If you were refered to TF-77 write name of referer:
(Application form is subject to change, if you did apply before I change it you do not need to repost)

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