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 Advanced Combat Tactics Training

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Evasive Explorer
Evasive Explorer

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Advanced Combat Tactics Training Empty
PostSubject: Advanced Combat Tactics Training   Advanced Combat Tactics Training Empty2011-10-21, 4:07 pm

This is an announcement regarding ACTT, or Advanced Combat Tactics Training. This training will be done in Battlefield 3 on a map that has yet to be determined. This training will cover advanced tactics of combat on foot and in some vehicles. It is open to all members of the Battlefield Branch. You cannot participate in this training if you are not a member of the Battlefield Branch, or if you do not have Battlefield 3 at the time the training occurs. It will likely be a recurring training event.

The date of this training has not yet been determined, but it will cover such topics as proper movement through doorways, squad formations, proper jet combat tactics, and helicopter support tactics. All Battlefield Branch members, upon completion of the ACTT course will have this noted in their member file. There will be no note of any kind made if you fail or do not complete the ACTT course.

Advanced Combat Tactics Training NaghoSig1
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Puresteel Paladin
Puresteel Paladin

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Advanced Combat Tactics Training Empty
PostSubject: Re: Advanced Combat Tactics Training   Advanced Combat Tactics Training Empty2011-10-27, 5:00 am

Stuff like appropriate weapon ranges should also been discussed, like which sniper rifle is better based on range.
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Advanced Combat Tactics Training
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