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 It is about damn time

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Puresteel Paladin
Puresteel Paladin

Posts : 130
Join date : 2011-02-13
Age : 21
Location : Australia

It is about damn time Empty
PostSubject: It is about damn time   It is about damn time Empty2011-10-27, 3:39 am

After a 5 day long exodus, i have returned.
Long story short, I discovered multi million dollar internet companies don't know how to fix stuff.
I also got a new computer and battlefield 3, which has been eyeing me at my desk for the last hour or so, begging me to install it.
Mass Effect 3 also has multiplayer.
You can commence applause.
I also owe some apologies. *dramatic music*
Nagho, for not being able to do my bf branch test, also for being able to run bf3 on ULTRA.
Tardir, for offlining in the middle of an ... intresting conversation.
And Fenrirr, for not being there to be his motherlover for the past week.
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Puresteel Paladin
Puresteel Paladin

Posts : 64
Join date : 2011-08-25
Age : 21
Location : Norway

It is about damn time Empty
PostSubject: Re: It is about damn time   It is about damn time Empty2011-10-27, 9:32 am

Apology accepted. But here i am Avenger of Gallifrey, or just Avenger. But meh, you knew me first as Tardir, so.
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It is about damn time
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