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 vkhalinpopopodhd's application

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First-wave Footmen
First-wave Footmen

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Join date : 2011-11-11
Age : 22

vkhalinpopopodhd's application Empty
PostSubject: vkhalinpopopodhd's application   vkhalinpopopodhd's application Empty2011-11-11, 10:08 pm

Steam Username:vkhalinpopopodhd/supernitro000
Desired Game Branch:If only there was a fighting game branch... minecraft maybe?
Why did you want to join TF77?:THEREDHEAD recommended to me.
Do you believe you will be an active and useful member?:Maybe, however, with the recent flow of games being released, it may be that I won't be active for long periods of time.
How did you find TF-77?:THEREDHEAD.
List of Installed or Installable PC Games:Alliance of Valiant Arms, Team Fortress 2, Starcraft 2 (can't play online), Minecraft, Borderlands, and a few more games I would prefer not to mention. Downloading Skyrim. (Only AVA and TF2 were downloaded via steam, and for free. Because of so, few features of steam are allowed to me.)
Your timezone:(UTC-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)
Would you be willing to be a voice actor:depends, most likely not.
Do you Roleplay: Haven't as of yet.
Miscellaneous info: Mostly love fighting games, but still likes RPGs, Shooting (any PoV), and certain misc games (minecraft, for example -_-) Willing to try many games out. Is a Nintendo fan -_-.

*note: just putting it down for the sake of it.
Video Editing Experience (In years) : 2
Show me a video you made: Don't have one, though I WOULD do gameplay videos (on PC or PS3/Wii/XBox360). Videos I have made mostly involve VG Music.
Youtube account name: Exernitron
Amount of Subscribers: 1 (lol)
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Evasive Explorer
Evasive Explorer

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Age : 24
Location : Surrey, B.C. Canada

vkhalinpopopodhd's application Empty
PostSubject: Re: vkhalinpopopodhd's application   vkhalinpopopodhd's application Empty2011-11-13, 4:35 pm

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vkhalinpopopodhd's application
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