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 Space Cowboy's Application [Approved]

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Space Cowboy
First-wave Footmen
First-wave Footmen
Space Cowboy

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Age : 25
Location : Farragut, TN, USA

Space Cowboy's Application [Approved] Empty
PostSubject: Space Cowboy's Application [Approved]   Space Cowboy's Application [Approved] Empty2011-07-01, 4:09 pm

Steam Username: [-TF77-] Space Cowboy
Age: 17
Desired Game Branch: Battlefield
Desired Role in Branch: Officer badass
Why did you want to join TF77?: Because I can.
Do you believe you will be an active and useful member?: Herp Derp yus.
How did you find TF-77?: Fen is my lover.
List of Installed or Installable PC Games: ALL OF THEM.


You see a tortoise on its back in the middle of the desert. You understand its plight but do nothing to help. Why not?

Cause if I help that tortoise, it may reveal my location to the enemies watching for me.

Which of these options is your favorite? F

(a) Movies
(b) Games
(d) Doctor Who
(e) Stargate
(f) All of the Above

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Space Cowboy's Application [Approved]
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