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 Snark Coalition

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First-wave Footmen
First-wave Footmen

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Snark Coalition Empty
PostSubject: Snark Coalition   Snark Coalition Empty2011-07-12, 7:03 pm

The Snark Coalition is an able and strong military force with mny trade connections, Known for there cyan color the snarks have been Frirends and foes to many races of there time in space.
There main sorce of income is there tade with over tenthousand benifactorsm, The Nemin and Syacorn are there main allys though. To keep order in there wide tracks of land they sport massive fleets lead by there Consul.


Snark Military is governed by the consul. A group of 9 Snarks that controll the coalition. It work on a Triangle leadership pattern the six generals at the bottem then the 2 high marshalls, then the Commissioner of State. Though the commissioner leads the consul the Prime Minister has the final say on things. They have many fleets but most are for scouting and defence. They Main snark fleets are always have one general with them to make sure the job gets done. The High Marshalls controll the armys and Generals, there are two because they need to keep the balence of power steady so they split the armys down the middle, which is why the generals come in, three for each army. The High Marshalls do have there own escort fleet along with the snaks best flagships. Each general has there own ship, Ships in snark Government are there sign of power and authority. The Foot soldiers of the army are armed to the most the consul could ive them, which is ok at best.
They have armor and weapons but most of the power of the snarks is there chain of command and squad set ups.

A normal Snark squad is made up of 8 Soldiers 2 specialists and one marshal. A snark Strike force is made up of 5 squads and 2 tanks or gunships. A Snark Army is made up of 5 Strike forces and 20 tanks or gunships. A snark Fleet is made up of 50 Strike forces 100 tanks or gunships. Each Group usally has Ships around the planet waiting for use.

Snark Ships have been used to there max. They make sure every part of it is perfect then use it till its gone. They have many types of ships but the main classes are

Dreadnought (generals use modified dreadnoughts)
Leviaithan(Each high marshall has one , the only ones.)

Economy and Citylife

Snarks make most of there profit though trade, With over tenthousand trade partners snarks get all they need from trade and dont do other kinds of money makeing operations. The normal snark job is factory working or ship construction. Snarks planetside corperations have alot to do with entertainment most snarks work at weapon factors or shipyards the shifts end before the sun goes done due to the military fiting there trch into the hulls and husks the workers made that day. The down time is spent ether at home or at nightclubs. The Snark consul isnt that happy about them but they have to work around them.

Will put in more later
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Snark Coalition
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