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 Blaster97337's application [Accepted]

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First-wave Footmen
First-wave Footmen

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Blaster97337's application [Accepted] Empty
PostSubject: Blaster97337's application [Accepted]   Blaster97337's application [Accepted] Empty2011-08-08, 8:06 pm

(Your Name Here)'s Application

Steam Username: I don't have steam
Age: 15
Desired Game Branch: I'm not sure...
Why did you want to join TF77?: it seems interesting, and not sucky...
Do you believe you will be an active and useful member?: yes (would anyone apply and say no to this?)
How did you find TF-77?: Fenrirr told me about it
List of Installed or Installable PC Games: AoE2, AoE2 the conquers, Lux Delux, game ranger (not really a game...), Ace of Spades, terraria (doesn't really work), armadillo run, the battle for middle earth, Port Royale, mount and blade, evil genius, total annihilation (like supcom, but older and better Razz), RealMyst, gratitious space battles, Dewarf Fortress, starwars battlefront 2 (cant do multiplayer), galatic civilastions 2, rome total war, creeper world, halo custom edition, Hearts of Iron 2 armagedon, minecraft, DoW:DC, sacrifice and a whole bunch of ones I could install but I don't have any more room on my laptop Razz


You see a tortoise on its back in the middle of the desert. You understand its plight but do nothing to help. Why not?

well, it would either be dead due to lack of water, or even if you flipped it over it would die quickly. and if you had water you may be able to help it, but in the desert water is a vital resource which should not be wasted on wandering and then flipping animals.

Which of these options is your favorite?

(a) Movies
(b) Games
(d) Doctor Who
(e) Stargate
(f) All of the Above

d. although stargate Atlantis is cool too.
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Evasive Explorer
Evasive Explorer

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Blaster97337's application [Accepted] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Blaster97337's application [Accepted]   Blaster97337's application [Accepted] Empty2011-08-08, 8:14 pm

I'm somewhat reluctant as you don't have Steam, but I'm going to say ACCEPTED. Please do try to get Steam though, it's a free download, and makes community interaction much, much simpler.
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Blaster97337's application [Accepted]
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