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 BowTiesAreCool's Application [Accepted]

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Puresteel Paladin
Puresteel Paladin

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Join date : 2011-08-25
Age : 21
Location : Norway

BowTiesAreCool's Application [Accepted] Empty
PostSubject: BowTiesAreCool's Application [Accepted]   BowTiesAreCool's Application [Accepted] Empty2011-08-25, 5:00 pm

Steam Username: Darkness Eternal
Age: 13
Desired Game Branch: Dawn of War
Why did you want to join TF77?: I am already in TF77(Invited by Fenrirr after a Last Stand battle with him and Kirbycollin1)
Do you believe you will be an active and useful member?: Active: Yes. Useful: Maybe.
How did you find TF-77?: Kirbycollin1's Steam Profile
List of Installed or Installable PC Games: Dawn of War, Dawn of War: Winter Assault, Dawn of War: Soulstorm, Dawn of War II, Dawn of War II: Chaos Rising, Dawn of War II: Retribution, Supreme Commander 2, Civilization V, Team Fortress 2, Total War: Shogun 2 Demo, Space Marine Demo, Darksiders, The Space Hunt, Pirates!, Star Wars: Empire At War, Metal Fatigue, Rome: Total War, Bionicle The Game, Bionicle Heroes, Minecraft, Spore, Homeworld, Rock Raiders


You see a tortoise on its back in the middle of the desert. You understand its plight but do nothing to help. Why not?

The Tortoise would be dead because of dehydration before it could reach the sea or any other source of water.

Which of these options is your favorite?

(a) Movies
(b) Games
(d) Doctor Who
(e) Stargate
(f) All of the Above

Dosen't my username say enough? Doctor Who, of course!
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Evasive Explorer
Evasive Explorer

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Join date : 2011-07-23

BowTiesAreCool's Application [Accepted] Empty
PostSubject: Re: BowTiesAreCool's Application [Accepted]   BowTiesAreCool's Application [Accepted] Empty2011-08-26, 8:49 pm

Application accepted. You are now officially a member of TF77. Please keep an eye on the forums, specifically the branch sub-forums, for info on how to actually get accepted into those branches. You are not yet a part of any branches until you go through whatever process the branch officers for each specific branch require in order to be accepted. Also keep an eye on the forums and Steam Group announcements for news on TF77 and any changes to the requirements for continued membership, as these could be very important.

Thank you, welcome to Task Force 77.
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BowTiesAreCool's Application [Accepted]
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